Axcelera-C is available in 12.5kg bags.

The World’s First Accelerator for Cows

Our research shows that neonates (baby animals) hold the key to switching on lifetime performance. Calf growth and performance can be accelerated and through the delivery of more energy, earlier via the rumen, we can  improve calf growth and performance and program them for greater lifetime productivity.

Without the correct neonatal influences in the first few weeks of life, the cow can never recover its true lifetime potential. Axcelera-C is so palatable that calves eat it aggressively from day 5, leading to accelerated growth pre and post weaning. By delivering more energy earlier to the calf, farmers see improvements in health status with a reduction in medication usage.

Axcelera-C - High lactose pellets


A unique 40% lactose feed

technology for calves.


Trials show that with Axcelera-C:

  1. Calf growth and performance can be accelerated on high or low milk feeding systems.

  2. Calves grow faster pre and post weaning.

  3. Have faster rumen development through earlier solid food intake.

  4. Calves can wean earlier with reduced growth check at weaning.

Unique formulation and technology

Axcelera-C applies unique formulation and process technology to create a highly palatable, 40% lactose accelerator for calves. It is used to supplement the existing calf milk replacer (CMR) and starter feed system.

Unlike milk replacers, the high-lactose Axcelera-C enters and accelerates rumen development and energy intakes directly.

Proven through research.

Extensive Bodit-commissioned study and trial work shows that accelerated calves grow faster and their daily intakes are significantly greater when offered Axcelera-C. Depending on how calves are fed milk, feeding Axcelera-C can:

  • Accelerate solid feed intakes, reaching 1.5kg daily intakes - enabling weaning much earlier, saving on CMR and labour

  • Eliminate the growth and performance slump at weaning, when high levels of CMR are being fed.

Farmers know that the better start a calf gets the more productive it is for the rest of its life. In beef this means healthy accelerated growth to slaughter and in dairy, it means improved lifetime milk yield, longevity and fertility.

Axcelera-C is available in 12.5kg bags.